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Telephone recording, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback;
Support windows 2000,2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit Simplified operating system

high-definition playback, fidelity, strong and stable performance,automatic recording.support winxp, 2000, 2003, win7, win8 32 bit simplified operating system
Work without PC, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback,remote management. Support Windows 2000, 2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit operating system
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
  • USB Telephone Recorder Box
  • PCI Telephone Recording Card
  • Voice Logger
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Audio Recording
  • COME800-16C

    1. recording instrument system features:

        COME800-16C telephone recorder, telephone recording industry is currently the most advanced recording equipment , which is not affected by computer viruses, network routers are not subject to restrictions and firewalls , as long as the Internet where we can achieve global telephone recording management.
    ● embedded architecture does not require a computer , plug in the power of work , convenient and reliable anti -virus
    ● automatically record incoming, outgoing , missed number, call time, call information such as call content
    ● Unique volume AGC (AGC) technology to ensure that both sides call volume balance , clear voice
    ● Unique DSP algorithms to ensure that Caller ID (DTMF / FSK) and DTMF keys correctly received in a variety of line environment
    ● 8 -fold compression recording hardware store , saving storage space , 500G hard drive, recording eight hours a day , recording more than 2 years .
    ● Automatic detection of storage capacity , the space will be filled automatically when the audio file cleanup , support long loop recording
    ● After installing recording center management system via LAN, Internet to manage recordings
    ● Real-time monitoring of the status line telephone recording device for each channel , calls to a phone number , call duration , etc. ;
    ● The selected channel real-time monitoring of all phone records conditional query , play, add a call note
    ● The recording file synchronization or timing and call information sent to a computer to save
    ● A host can simultaneously record multiple users registered , the administrator can pre-set each user's operating authority
    ● Optional recording management client (C / S) or browser queries (B / S) mode query management call records
    ● Stand-alone recording device supports distributed multi-site installation and deployment , through central management network monitoring and management recording system
    ● can be on the computer : real-time monitoring telephone recording device line status of each channel , calls to a phone number , call duration , etc. ;

    Second, the telephone recording instrument system features :

    2.1 centralized management of all branches of the telephone recording device via the Internet :

    2.2 , telephone recording device to a telephone line connection diagram :                                               
    2.3 , product packaging appearance
    2.4 , telephone recorder and phone line connection diagram :
    Note: The above video is 1024 * 768 high-definition video , you need to download directly to your computer for playback .

    Third, the recording device operation :

           There are two kinds of recording instrument operation : 1, operated by IE ; 2 , install the client software operation ; choose between the two .
    3.1 , open the IE browser, enter the IP address of the recording instrument , such as :, enter your user name and password :
    3.2 , call into the system to see the status of each channel.
    3.3 , recording a query :
          According to the time of a telephone call , a local number , channel number, the direction of power come a long query the other party's phone number, and channel , click to play back the playback .
    3.4 channel settings : You can channel number corresponding local fixed telephone number entered here , and to this end do note , easy to manage ;
    3.5 , audio settings
          Select the channel number, you can set the recording mode for the channel is a voltage-controlled or voice control, voltage control for voice recording, voice recording for the walkie-talkie ;
    3.6 , modify the recording instrument IP address :
          Recording device default IP address is, the user can modify :

    3.2 , by installing client software to operate :

    3.2.1 , recording device client software interface as follows :
        Will be displayed in the main interface connected to the telephone line status information : such as broken , missed phone line , hook, calls and other states.
    3.2.2 , call the listener 
        Can be implemented without interference of any ongoing calls, real-time ' monitoring.
    3.2.3 , customer database to collect customer name, address, contact person , contact information , build customer databases.
    3.2.4 , traffic statistics query :
        The system will record the daily talk time, number of calls , the caller's number , to a phone number , contacts and other information. Can also be recorded depending on the query conditions .
    Point the remote telephone recording device to start playing in the recordings .
    Click the button to download the selected record all the local computer disk.
    3.2.5 , system settings
        System settings , including rights management, terminal IP management , recording settings, channel management.
    Rights management : You can log on, all the permissions system operator , to be set.
    3.2.6, IP Management: IP terminal can add, modify, delete , and can not be disabled using the channel terminal .
    3.2.7 , recording settings : the system working language , as well as download audio file storage path set .
    3.2.8 , channel settings : You can specify the channel number , and for each channel is recording, the recording mode ( voltage-controlled , voice , keying ) and other recording conditions set.

    Fourth, the scope of application of the recording instrument

    An alarm call recording
    Police station telephone recording , by the public security network , audio files can be directly deposited 110 command center , easy access .
    2 , a variety of stores
    Calls for a variety of chain management, some stores do not place the computer in terms of places ( such as food , beauty , entertainment, etc. )
    3 , government departments
    Law enforcement agencies (police , courts, checking homes, industry and commerce , taxation supervision, complaints, reports , etc. ) ; troops inside the phone , 110,119,120,999 telephone ; safety departments monitor telephone .
    4 , live recording
    Site meetings , conference calls , web conferencing , on-site interviews and the workplace.
    5 , the application of the special circumstances
    Travel and other recording demand for mobile environments ; factories, mines , which are not easy to use workplace computers.
    6 , commercial areas
    Hotline telephone recording ( sales , complaints, customer service , consulting, including securities / futures , no promissory note loans, official negotiations ) , improve service quality ; business telephone recording ( orders, prices, talk about good contract terms ) , backup queries resolved business disputes ; business telephone recording ( the number of telephone sales staff the ability to monitor the content and telephone communication ) , promote employee motivation and ability to improve operations to reduce the company high bill, to prevent the phone company employees occupied private events .
    7 , special industry monitoring
    Telephone survey content reporters retention ; private detective industry telephone recording evidence ; legal profession legal advice and investigation and evidence collection .
    8 , service areas
    Hotel Reservation Reservation Tel backup check anti disputes ; aviation , rail and other transportation industries backup telephone booking inquiries