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Telephone recording, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback;
Support windows 2000,2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit Simplified operating system

high-definition playback, fidelity, strong and stable performance,automatic recording.support winxp, 2000, 2003, win7, win8 32 bit simplified operating system
Work without PC, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback,remote management. Support Windows 2000, 2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit operating system
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
  • USB Telephone Recorder Box
  • PCI Telephone Recording Card
  • Voice Logger
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Audio Recording
  • Intercom recordings

    Radio recording 

    You are welcome to use magnesium digital recording meter, the product is mainly suitable for, the recording, meeting recording, radio recordings, railway scheduling, vehicle station, relay station such as standard audio recordings. 
    The following radios, for example, about the connection. Because radio has a very wide range of applications, such as public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction, service industries, for contact and command scheduling between group members, to improve the efficiency of channel, especially the intercom recording vital important positions, one thousand dispute can find evidence. 

    Digital recording instrument built-in 2 gb flash memory CARDS, continuous recording can be 70 hours, the external SD card maximum support 32 gb, continuous recording can be 1100 hours. 
    My company has a variety of recording equipment can be used for radio recordings, if there are multiple channels need recording interphone, requires the multichannel recording equipment. 

    First, buttons 


    Second, the simple and easy operation 

    1, set up time: in the current state, long press time for 3 seconds, down, down keys to select year, then long press button 3 seconds to month, continue to press time last saved long; Inside the clock memory batteries, power for a long time, the system time will be reset. 
    2, external recording: can understand into radio recordings, also known as LINE recording - LINE, LINE recording can be divided into: automatic recording - LINE + AUTO and manual LINE + MANU. 
    Automatic recording: as long as the line of audio signal is greater than 20 db, immediately start the recording equipment, mute after 10 seconds, automatically stop recording, and save. 
    Manual recording: as long as you press the start button, regardless of whether or not a signal output circuit, the system has been in the recording, until the stop button to stop. 
    3, built-in recording: is to recording the scene environment, such as conference room in the recording. The recording instrument built-in MIC microphones microphone. Built-in recording can be divided into automatic and manual recording. 
    Automatic recording: when set to MIC + AUTO state, as long as the voice of the site environment is more than 20 decibels, the device will automatically recording, mute after 10 seconds, stop the recording. 
    Manual recording: when set to MIC + MANU state, press the start button, no matter whether the scene environment, both in the recording state, until the people to shut down, press the stop button will save the recording equipment. 
    4, t: click on the record/put keys, into the play interface, the default played last recordings, can choose the recording file by up or down key. 

    Three, connected to the computer file list: 

    Fourth, the rules of the recording file 

    DA interphone recording meter every day to the day's date form a folder. 
    For example, said on November 17, 2011, the recording file is named after time. 
    For example, said the euro 58 minutes 04 seconds began recording; 

    Five, the intercom and recording instrument connection diagram: 

    Description: the ABCD three radios to adjust to the same channel, you can speak to each other, D intercom headphone jack (SPK or) through audio cable connected to the recording instrument. D the voice of the radio can only be used to receive other interphone. 

    Sixth, the performance parameters 

    项目 性能指标
    Product model COME800 - DA 
    Working voltage DC 5-12 v 
    Power supply current
    80 mA 
    frequency response 20 hz to 20 KHZ
    sensitivity 20 dB
    Working temperature 25 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ 
    File format WAV
    Audio formats Ima Adpcm
    audio sampling 16 KHZ
    KBPX 64 times
    Non-equilibrium impedance 600 ohms
    Shell material PVC
    Shape size 52 mm x 132 mm x 25 mm 
    Containing 120 g 
    color black 
    Origin guangzhou 

    Seven, note: 

    1, this product is the design of the voltage of DC9V, built-in high sensitive pick-up, can collect 15 square metre range of mild voice, if you need a higher quality of pick-up, with an external digital filter sound pickup, the effect is much better. 
    2, when records radio recording, please dispatch walkie talkie volume to total volume one-third the size of the volume of the input cannot too big, because the device itself has did amplification processing, or play the sound will distortion. 
    3, the recording instrument through a built-in speaker can only play the recording, such as the need to play more early before the sound recording, please connect the computer, play with the player software.