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Telephone recording, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback;
Support windows 2000,2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit Simplified operating system

high-definition playback, fidelity, strong and stable performance,automatic recording.support winxp, 2000, 2003, win7, win8 32 bit simplified operating system
Work without PC, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback,remote management. Support Windows 2000, 2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit operating system
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
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  • PCI Telephone Recording Card
  • Voice Logger
  • Customer Relationship Management
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  • COME800-T08

    COME800-T08 Telephone Recorder


    COME800-T08 Telephone Recorder for landline, 8 channels. PCI card, the device need connect with Telephone and PC, install our recording software and keep it running, the system will record all incoming and outgoing calls by WAV format, and keep it in computer hard disc. 1 GB hard disc can keep 70 hours recordings. Fit to work in 24 hours.

    Main Functions

    1. On the computer which installed this recording system, can monitor any telephone line at real time. Single card supports 8 channels, you can record max 128 channels by COME800-T08 card at one computer.
    2. Can search any recording files by call-in or call-out numbers, date, time, channel numbers etc.
    3. In the LAN, inquire the recordings and monitor any channels talk on the real time.
    4. Can delete or backup the recordings according to the limits to right.
    5. Can manage the users rights by different classes.
    6. Supports playback, loop and continues play.
    7. Automatic detect the hard disc capacity, the recordings can be deleted or memory transferred.
    8. Supports automatic customers information popup at the server end & user end. The system can continued record in every 24 hours.
    9. Supports AGC recording and play, make sure the both sides volume balance.
    10. Adopt PCI BUS, internal power source, the whole card is slight & decent,also the most elaborate 1-16 channels voice card.
    11. Caller id identify, supports FSK & DTMF both CID mode, the received rate arrives to 99.9%.
    12. Digital recording, supports A rate PCM & ADPCM language coding mode, supports AGC.
    13. Signal sound test, efficient DSP algorithm achieve accurate signal sound test and analysis.


    COME800-T08 connection program

    COME800-T08 connection program

    Properties & Features

    1. Easy to Operate: Supports Windows 98/NT/2000/XP systems. All the recording forms are WAV. Can playback the recordings by any computer.

    2. Record Multiple Telephones Simultaneously: It can record 1-128 telephones at the same time, and no interference between each channel, no affection to the talk quality. Adopt latest PCI interface which is plug-and-play recording card. Record, monitor will never effect the phone talk. Recording start time can be set flexibly, can record in a determined period, also can record in every 24 hours.

    3. Real Time Monitor: Can monitor every line’s talk, you can adjust the volume when you monitor.

    4. Senior Voice & Recording Files Management: Can playback or search any recording or backup files fastly.

    5. Volume Control: The system supports AGC, can adjust the both sides volume, avoid too low voice.                                                                

    6. Flexible Start Way: Multiple telephone recording ways: can record the phones automatically or record the phone by manually operation.                                 

    7. Circuit Management: Fit to numerous recording environment: it can records the telephone directly, also can match with the PBX – records for the internal & external channels. On the other hand, it can also record the wireless phone, interphone, talkie & walkie.

    8. Automatic Loop & Backup: When the hard disc has no more space, the system will delete the oldest recordings automatically to make sure the system can run normally. This recording system supports automatically synchronized dual backup. It can also set the backup time, backup route, can also put the back up to the appointed file, such as hard disc, CD-R, MO etc.                                   

    9. Caller Identify: Can identify the call-in and call-out.

    10. Numerous Rights & Limits: This recording system has a lot of limits & rights, supports each user to operate only for appointed channels, easy to manage and adjust.

    11. Filtered Recording Mode: You can record the appointed telephone only. And the system can distinguish the phone talk and internet access, will not record the internet users. 

    12. Alarm Function: When the system is in some trouble(likes offline etc.), the system will alarm by the voice and screen.                                             

    13. Timing Recording: Set to record in a determined period according to the works needs.      

    14. LAN Monitor: You can monitor any channels talk in the LAN.                        

    15. Safe & Reliable: Password privilege management by classification, high-level secrecy. Industrial reliable components, elaborated design, damage recovery routine.                              

    16. Operation Logger: The system has complete operation logger, can log all the system operations.

    17. Print Function: Can export your recording searched results, and print them by printer.

    Software Interface

    1. Recording Main Interface

    main interface

    Supports Chinese and English Language.

    2. Recordings Inquire

    search interface

     When you select one file, you can play the recording files directly. You can also inquire the recordings according to the telephone number, remarks, call-in/call-out time or a special period. Or you can export the phone talk list into EXCEL tables.

     3. Users Rights Management 

    operator management

    4. Client Logout

    t08 client logout

    Technical Parameters




    4-128 channels, 8 channels progressive increase


    High Impedance > 8M Ohms

    SNR (signal noise ratio)


    Frequency Response

    300Hz — 3400HZ

    Data Acquisition Rate

    64Kbit/s each channel, voice can be compressed by 1/2/4 times

    Recording Time


    Interface Impedance

    10M Ohms

    Frequency Respond


    On-chip Cache

    32K~256K Byte

    Digital Voice

    A/u-law PCM、ADPCM

    Data Speed


    DTMF Code


    Calling Number


    Data Transfer Way

    binary asynchronous serial configuration


    +5℃— +40℃


    5% — 85%

    Hardware Configurations

    Operation System: WIN98/ME/2000/XP/2003

    CPU: Pentium4 or above. 

    Hard Disc: 10 GB or above. 

    Computer Memory: 512M or above 

    Monitor: VGA,1024*768 resolution will be better.

    Comprehensive Applications

    1. Small or medium enterprises, especially the sales departments, our call recorders helped them monitor their service, log the telephone conversation, master the customers files, avoid the economic issues.

    2. Big group, such as railway, electricity, insurance, finance, securities industry. Since groups like them, really need nice market and management. The recordings helped them find the troubles, promote their efficiency.

    3. Banks counter, jails interview room also installed our products.

    4. Telephone meeting recordings can give you big information.

    5. Financial center, banks, business negotiation, voice dispatch and client service center etc, they also have got numerous conveniences from our recording devices.

    6. Government, likes report center, 911 center, emergency center etc have won from our phone recorders.

    7. Special schools or training organizations, they used our products for marketing and to improve their service and training results.

    Video Demo

    Hardware onnection for  8channels telephone recording system