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Telephone recording, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback;
Support windows 2000,2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit Simplified operating system

high-definition playback, fidelity, strong and stable performance,automatic recording.support winxp, 2000, 2003, win7, win8 32 bit simplified operating system
Work without PC, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback,remote management. Support Windows 2000, 2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit operating system
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
  • USB Telephone Recorder Box
  • PCI Telephone Recording Card
  • Voice Logger
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Audio Recording
  • COM800-R04

    COME800-R04 PCI Telephone Recording card


    COME800-R04 PCI Telephone Recording card for landline, 4 channels.  With softdog. The device need connect with Telephone and PC, install our recording software and keep it running, the system will record all incoming and outgoing calls by DAT format, and keep it in computer hard disc. 1GB hard disc can keep 170hours recordings.


    Call ID display: Support FSK & DTMF formats.

    Search: Query the recording by Date, Time, Channel, Recorder period, In/Out etc.

    AGC: The system support AGC (Automatic Gain Control) record and playback, make sure the both sides volume balance.

    Print: Print the query list.

    Import/Export: Import the details, export the recording by MP3 or WAV format.

    Monitor: Monitor any channel when they are talking on the phone.

    Remote monitoring: Install a client system in another computer, you can query the recordings, and monitor any channel when they are talking on the phone.

    Statistic: Statistical Cumulative number, Cumulative talk time, Average Call time, missed call and operating log

    Number Filter: Input some phone number which you don’t want to record, it will not record.

    Users Authority: manage the users authorities by classification.

    Recording type:.

           1. Voltage Control: record according to the change of the voltage, that means start to record when you answer, stop when you hang off.

           2. Audio Control: record according to testing the audio signals.

           3. Key Control: control the record by key, you can start or stop the record as “**” or “##”

    Cycle of Recording: When the hard disc is full, the new recordings will cover the oldest recording except the recording which you note “Important”

    Backup: You can back up the recordings by files, Email and FTP.

    COME800-R04 connection program

    COME800-R04 connection program

    Recording Main Interface


    Recording Search Interface


    Operation Conditions

    Operation System: WIN98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Win7  32 bit
    CPU: Celeron 800 at least
    Hard Disc (Drive): 1GB at least,20G will be preferred.
    Computer Memory: 128M or above
    Monitor: VGA, 800*600 resolution will be better.


    Development Environment

    Offer WIN98/2000/XP and LINUX device driver.
    Supply DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX OCX.
    Support VC++ 、 VB 、 DELPHI 、 PB 、 C++Bullder
    Offer the original programming sample


    Typical Applications

    CTI call center 
    Customer Service and Complaint Center
    Travel Agent or Travel Website
    Telephone Booking Center/Hotline
    Financial Consultant Service Center
    CRM(customer relationship management) Department
    Logistics Industry
    Hotel or Business Center
    VIP Management
    Police Bureau, Bank, Airline Company, Railway, Electricity Administrative Department etc.


    Technical Parameters

    Package Size:


    Gross Weight


    Card Board Size:

    120mm(L)* 90mm(W)

    Net Weight


    Supported Channels:


    Compression Ratio:

    2/5 Times

    Withstand Voltage


    Coding Method

    HDB3 /AMI

    Single PC Max Capacity

    8 pieces (32CH)

    Max Power Consumption


    Work Temperature:


    SNR(signal noise ratio)




    Reservation Temperature:


    Frequency Response


    Input Impedance:


    Clock & Data Restore:

    CCITT Rec.G.823-1988

    FRAME Structure

    CCITT G.704-1988

    Data Velocity:


    On-chip Cache  

    32K~256K Byte



    Recording THD
    (total harmonic distortion)


    Callers Number:



    FSK Modulation:


    Logic 0:2200Hz±1%

    Call Monitor:

    Signal Tone, Voice,
     Reversed Polarity.

    Logic 1:1200Hz±1%

    DTMF Code:


    DTM(data transfer mode):

    Binary Asynchronous
     Series Mode

    Exchange Mode:

    256 Direct Exchange Channels

    Audio File:

    WAV, VC2, VC5,AGC

    Vibration Tolerance: CCITT Rec.G.823,G.737,G.739,G.742-1988

    Phone Mode Voltage Standard:70-100V(Ring)  20-48V(Idle)  5-17V(call) 3.2V(hang off)

    Video Demo

    Hardware connection for 4 channels telephone recording system