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Telephone recording, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback;
Support windows 2000,2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit Simplified operating system

high-definition playback, fidelity, strong and stable performance,automatic recording.support winxp, 2000, 2003, win7, win8 32 bit simplified operating system
Work without PC, 5x voice compression, high-definition playback,remote management. Support Windows 2000, 2003, xp, win7, win8 32 bit operating system
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
PCI telephone recording card, LAN centralized management, a variety of recording mode selection Real-time monitoring, the print function, signal detection, time recording.
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  • PCI Telephone Recording Card
  • Voice Logger
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Audio Recording
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    SD Card Voice Recorder


    This SD card telephone recorder device can work without computer, the voice recording file saving in the SD card which is inserted the back of the recording box. And the SD card can be replaced at any time or you can copy the recording to your computer, then playback. The recorded folder named by date and time automatically, easier for you to manage the recording.

    Functions and features:

    1. High impedance record

    2. Bijou shape, more convenient and you can choose the large-capacity recording carrier freely.

    3. Portable design, it can record any other place which convenient for you use the phone. Such as when you are in hotel, just connect the recording box with telephone line, you can record when you talk with your client.

    4. Automatic recording, you can press the “cancel” button to cancel the recording. 2. Press the “record” button to record during you talk in the call.

    5. Playback function: You can replay the last conversations when you are on the phone. You can playback as you need.

    6. Convenient recording: Use SD card carrier for recording, can recording without computer.

    7. 2 ways for recording: You can set automatic recording or manual operation recording as you need. Incoming call will recording automatically.

    8. Cycle of recording: support cycle of recording, when there is no more memory capacity, the earliest records will be overwritten.

    9. Simple interface, easy to operate.

    10. Blue LCD display.

    11. With Clock function.

    12. The equipment with a built-in Speaker. Supports MP3 music files playback.

    13. The recording equipment with a 3.5mm headphone port, you can listen music, it will not disturb others work.


    Item Size:


    Packing size:


    Net Weight:


    Gross Weight:


    Power source:

    DC 5V



    Recording form:


    Memory medium:

    SD card (16GB max)

    Package Contents: telephone line * 1   Power supply * 1   Recording box * 1


    1. Please select memory card in good quality.

    2. Please Shut off the power as soon as possible to avoid accident if the recording happened short circuit or any vapor occurred.

    3. Don’t overheat the recorder if damped or rained!

    4. Don’t have the power line tied, hung, twisted and pressed to avoid short circuit.

    5. Keep the recorder away from fire (or high temperature) to avoid deformation.

    6. Please shut off power when you finish record.

    7. To help extend the life of the machine and your physical and mental health, please do not long-term in the maximum volume to listen to recordings and music, so as not to damage your hearing, recommended that one-third of the maximum under the load power to listen to recordings and music.